The Gifted Psychic of Tallahassee

        Crystal Ball                     Tarot Card                       Palm

 The Crystal Ball Goes Back Hundreds And Hundreds of Years. Crystals Are Also Known To Be a Very Powerful Tool, Especially In The Healing Process.



 Cards Are Used As A Tool Along With  Psychic Ability To Pick Up Names,  Discretions, And People Around You.  Tarot Gives You All of Psychic Plus  More On Friends And Family.



                  Regular $40.00

              Lovers Tarot $80.00 

 Reading In a Character, Reading  Life Line, Health, Happiness,  Career Goal, More or Less a  Mini Reading into The Future.




           Psychic                       Soul Mate                     Spiritual

 Answers To Your Questions About  Love, Life, Health, Spirituality,  Career, Money, Family,  Relationships, Spirit Guides, Past  Lives, Present Life Mission.






 Find Out if Your True Love Is Your  Soulmate Faithful and The One For  You. It Is a Intense Reading On Him  Or Her To See Compatibility Or  Connection In Your Life.




 Reading Of Spirit Is To See And  Source Of Negativity Or Bad Vibes  That Surround Your Psyche.  Knowing Where Bad Energy Comes  From Is The Only Way To Clear And  Make Positive.