The Gifted Psychic of Tallahassee


I am so grateful for the hundreds of testimonials about my psychic readings that I have received in letters, cards and emails from clients (and many more testimonials that I have received by voice-mail messages, which I have not included here).

Clients have told me that my consultations have been enlightening and transformational because of the impact they have had on their lives.

It is my honor and privilege to help people with my psychic gifts, and I am profoundly touched that so many took the time to write such kind testimonials about my psychic services

“Thank you, again, for being you, for being there, for being truly amazing.”- HD – writer/teacher

“I think about you often and wonder if you can sense all that is happening with me – sometimes I even say to you ‘Look, Dolly! It’s just as you’ve said!’ Thank you, Dolly. You have been – are – essential to this process of embodiment. My deepest appreciation for all that you are.”- JS – psychologist/professor

“Bless you and thank you for the most amazing session yesterday, for all the love and kindness, the time you spent being so completely present with me. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that you are on this planet. Your gifts are vital, you are an extraordinarily brilliant and radiant being. I feel fabulous. Thank you again and again.”- LJ - Hong Kong

“Your service and advice have been an investment well worth every penny. My school year has started well, my spirit is up and I feel energized for the coming year. Thank you for the time you took to consult with me.”- RP – school principal

“While on the path of knowledge, God provides us with teachers. I will take this opportunity to thank God for you. You, Dolly, are a compassionate teacher and guide; to be such as this, is both rewarding and challenging.”- EW – artist

“Wow! You are an angel from heaven! I was catapulted into a new spiritual journey. My feet still have been unable to touch the ground. I had a wonderful 6-hour conversation with my buddies after they met with you! One of them said it was the greatest of all her birthday gifts! Life is easier, and weightless at times.”
- LT – owner, pain clinic

“Thank you so much. It was wonderful to hear your voice. Our talk really settled me. I’m excited about the next leg of the journey.”
- DW – lawyer

“I just wanted to again say thank you for all your help and support, and for you to know how much I appreciate all you do… Everything you shared has transpired for all of us. ”
- LC – shop and gallery owner

“Your work is a gift to the planet! I am grateful to have you in my life. I received much comfort and insight from the session.”
- AM – sales

“Thank you so much for the time on Wednesday. Thank you for caring and for helping me ‘know’ things in a way that allows me to move forward. Thank you Dolly for helping me find the courage to speak out and be true to my heart.”- CD – psychiatrist

“You have given me such relief and helped clarify my vision. I am most grateful for the compassion that has emerged within me since our talk. There is much work ahead for me but with God’s help and your guidance it is a challenge not a burden. My gratitude goes beyond words. I give thanks for Angels on Earth – Angels like you.”
- ST - Ontario, Canada

“What an honor to connect with you – from a deep place of my heart. I heard words and felt emotions that had never been heard or felt before. You are a confirmation. Thank you for listening to your soul’s agenda, and sharing yourself with the world.”- GY - artist

“ Thank you SO MUCH for all your love, assistance and wisdom – for showing me ‘the bigger picture’ which has always created a calming effect for me… For being supportive of me – just the sound of your voice has such an assuring affect on me! I send you much love, a big hug and am so grateful for having you in my life!”- AP - actor

“Many thanks for sharing your heart and insight with me. Bless you for giving me a meditation to bring hope and transformation.” 
- AL – musician


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